Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Another reason I am very lucky to work at in the Audiovisual Department of the church is because I've been able to get a lot of experience.  Because a lot of our productions are pretty small, I'm able to get to do a variety of things.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to learn how to work a boom microphone with a stick and a separate recording device.  I learned how to hold the microphone, where to point the microphone, what wind covers to use, how to use the recording device, the proper decibel levels to set, how to set the mic on a stand properly, and more!

Also, a producer named Bruce Newbold used me for craft services on the production of a radio program he was doing.  The program is called "The Light of Men," and includes reenactments and dramatizations of the events in Jesus Christ's life as found in the Gospels.  I learned a lot about how to stay within budget, how to keep the actors happy, what kind of snacks to buy, and more.  To be honest, when lunch rolled around, things got pretty stressful.  The restaurants would often make a wrong meal (either that, or I would take a wrong order) and I would have to go back and reorder or make the correct changes.  However, once I got all the lunches taken care of, things ended up okay.

So far I really love my job!  And, I hope the experiences I'm gaining will help me in the future!  I'm still aiming to be a movie director!  Here are some pictures from the latest production: