Thursday, March 12, 2015

Editing on Projects That Count

I got to help edit this video last year with Lucas McGraw. I love working on projects that inspire faith and good values in others. The interview footage was incredible. It is tedious to look through hours of interview footage sometimes, but I'm always inspired by the content and learn a lot.

Today at work someone said to myself, Lucas, and another on-call producer, "You guys have the best job!" I thought about it, it is true. There is no other kind of video content I'd rather be helping with. I'm glad to be an assistant on the video projects I get to help with.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Community Film Project - Call For Writers

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have been a part of a project called the "Community Film Project." This is a project to make a movie that takes place and is by and for the people of Davis County. On March 21st, we are doing a "Writer's Pitch Meeting," where writers can come and pitch their idea for a full length movie. Here is a video that will explain more details.

My Daily Commute

This was my midterm for my DSLR Photography class. To see an example of the Photoshop edits I did on these photos click here. I tried to keep the photoshop editing to a minimum. It has been so fun getting to know my camera and taking these pictures. Please enjoy.

"Bus Stop"

"Hurry Up"

"John the Driver"

"Commute Home"

"On My Phone"

"Motion Sickness"

"Enjoying Music"

"Can You Come Pick Me Up?"

"My Friend"

"It Gets Dark"

"George, A Nice Guy"