Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pregnancy Announcement Video

Well, the news is out! My wife is pregnant with our first child. I decided to use my video production skills in support of our family. I created this video for family memories and to announce our pregnancy to the world. It was well received by both of our families.

If you watch to the end there are two other videos you can click on and watch as well. One is our first ultrasound and the other explains how we came to the decision to have a baby at this time in our lives.

A Music Video In A Parade!

This was a fun video to work on. I was credited as director on this piece, which was technically my title. However, I feel more like I acted as a producer. I assembled the team together. I oversaw the details for the two Saturday shoots. I got a few Director of Photography's to help me out. Jackson Daneluk was one of them. He's going to film school right now and did a great job!

You could also call my position a parade manager. I oversaw the creation of the signs for the parade. I purchased the balloons, ribbons, fabric, shirts, etc. I also managed two other parades which we also did videos for. Finally, I did rough cut edits of all the parade videos before handing them off the Lucas McGraw to polish up. So, was I really the director? I think I was more of a producer or manager. Did I have a blast? Did I learn a lot? Did I have fun? Absolutely!