Friday, October 10, 2014

Being a Production Coordinator

I had the great opportunity to do some production coordinating and set dressing for a video commercial. The producer knew my work from a couple of other projects I had worked on and called me to work on the piece. It took a lot of time and I was able to do a lot of things. I helped with everything from location scouting, scheduling, creating the call sheets, to coordinating actors and crew members. Here are some pictures from the shoot.

My good friends Alex Thompson and Jackson Daneluk helped me. Jackson was having some fun and decided to put on our statue of liberty costume that we purchased as a prop. It was a fun shoot and a great group of people! Alex is in the picture above that and is holding the clapperboard. Both are hard workers and both are actually interested in screenplay writing. I have read scripts that both of them have worked on and I think both of them have a lot of potential. I would recommend both of them for other projects!

Here are a couple more pictures from the shoot.