Friday, November 22, 2013

A Music Video

I've never helped out on a music video before, but the last couple of days I got to. I was a Producer's Assistant on a professional level project this week. We shot mostly in Bountiful and Murray. It was fun.

One of the fun parts was to see the artists lip sinc to their own music. There were a couple of main singers and I got to talk to them. Because of how fast this project needed to be done they recorded on Monday! Wow! Talk about getting things done in a hurry.

The song was about "Coming Unto Christ." They played the pre-recorded music on a laptop with some pretty good speakers and the artists lip synced.

I also really enjoyed talking to the make-up artist this time around. Ed Matsu really inspired me with some of things he said. He said he's had a lot of Spiritual experiences working on film projects is Utah. Great guy.

Fun project overall!

Jackson's Video

My friend Jackson is going to Film School at the U of U! He's a great guy. He made this video.

He was the cinematographer our Kay's Cross project. 

Japanese Project

Here is a link to a cool new Mormon Message for Youth

Fun stuff!

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