Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Music Video In A Parade!

This was a fun video to work on. I was credited as director on this piece, which was technically my title. However, I feel more like I acted as a producer. I assembled the team together. I oversaw the details for the two Saturday shoots. I got a few Director of Photography's to help me out. Jackson Daneluk was one of them. He's going to film school right now and did a great job!

You could also call my position a parade manager. I oversaw the creation of the signs for the parade. I purchased the balloons, ribbons, fabric, shirts, etc. I also managed two other parades which we also did videos for. Finally, I did rough cut edits of all the parade videos before handing them off the Lucas McGraw to polish up. So, was I really the director? I think I was more of a producer or manager. Did I have a blast? Did I learn a lot? Did I have fun? Absolutely! 

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