Saturday, February 20, 2016

First Lyric Video

I didn't think that my class would pick my idea as one of the top three music video choices for advanced digital media. The song I choose was a Christian song and a lot of times the academic world seems to shun anything centered around God. My idea was a mix between a stop-motion-animation lyric video with a story. I was surprised when my song was the top pick in the class.

I filmed most of the lyric video footage. Another student named Austin directed and shot the story portion of the video. I edited it. There was a group of five of us total working on this.


Music by The Gray Havens: 
We are not officially associated with them. This was just a fan created music video.

Producer and Editor: Matthew Havertz
Director: Austin Berenyi
Talent: Lexie Albi
First Assistant Camera: Mason White
Calligraphy: Brock Duncan

Our class advisor (he helped with cinematography and production advice): Jake T. Holt

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KaraH said...

Beautiful work Matthew! I'm glad your class appreciates your good taste. Keep it up!! I can't wait to enjoy more!!