Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I love editing. In fact, in high school I did a lot of editing with Adobe Premiere.  Before I took any Multimedia or Digital Media classes in high school I had some experience with editing as well. Before Adobe I used Sony Vegas Pro.  Now at work, I get to use Apple's wonderful Final Cut Pro.  I have to admit, I think I like Adobe best, but Apple's Final Cut is pretty awesome as well.

I would like to consider my self a pretty skilled editor.  I think editing is one of my strong suits.

The producer I work under with the Church, Lucas McGraw, has given me the great opportunity to try my hand at editing my own Mormon Message for Youth.  Before now, I was doing little editing things for the "chief editors," actually I think their official title is "Media Specialist."  I was putting in subtitles, I would edit down interviews by getting rid of the interviewers voice and sorting the answers that the interviewee would give. Now I get to do the major stuff for my own video.  

I'm excited for this opportunity!  I hope I do a good job, and I'll post the video on this blog once it comes out! 

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